Terms of use

The photographs may be used without any cost for the promoting of activities and programs in the Hamar region in a positive manner when the following conditions are met:

• Photographer, alternatively municipality, shall be credited by the use of pictures. Example: Photo: Bærum municipality el. PHOTO: Jens Haugen.

• This credit will generally occur on the image, right below the image or in the immediate vicinity of the image. This credit can be done via mouse-over feature on websites and in applications where this is more appropriate. Other placement of crediting, where none of these fit, can be specially agreed.

• Changes can be made in the form of snippets of photos. The photographs may not be modified or reproduced in a way that affects Bærum municipality's reputation.

• Photographs must not be lent, sold, delivered or otherwise transferred to another party without our consent.

Note: If the conditions for use of photographs in general are not followed, it will be charged a fine of NOK 5,000 per. image. Incorrect operation and missing/incorrect crediting, will be charged fine of NOK 7,000 per image. As owners of the images, we are free to revoke the right to use photographs and/or to ban the user from future use of the photo bank.

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